Paphos in Winter | Is It Worth Visiting Cyprus in Winter?

Paphos in Winter | Is It Worth Visiting Cyprus in Winter?

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a winter break in Europe, the only real place that you are guaranteed sunshine and warm weather is the Canary Islands (such as Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura). The Mediterranean can be a bit hit and miss. I went to Cyprus and here’s what to expect if visiting Paphos in winter.

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Paphos in Winter

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Paphos Weather in Winter

MONTHHIGH Temp CLOW Temp FRainDecember18108 daysJanuary16810 daysFebruary1788 daysMarch1896 days

As you can see from the table above, the average highs are between 16-18c. The average lows are between 8-10c and there is over a week of rain each month.

In comparison, Paphos in summer has an average high of 30c, a low of 21c and 0 days of rain.

I went Cyprus for 7 nights spanning across the end of January into beginning of February. I had 3 dry ‘warm’ days and the rest had rain either all day or for at least part of it. When speaking to staff in the hotel and to my tour guide, they all said it had pretty much been raining constantly.

Paphos in winter rain storm over poolRainy day in Paphos in winter

Out of the winter months, January is usually typically the wettest month in Cyprus.

A couple of days I wore t-shirts and cropped jeans, but the majority of the time I needed a hoodie too. I was also glad I had packed a rain coat. If visiting Paphos in winter, I would recommend throwing a pac-a-mac in your bag just in case.

Some of the European guests at my hotel were wearing full thick winter coats. I didn’t feel that cold, but it does depending on what you are acclimatised to. You may need a jacket though.

Paphos Beaches in Winter

During my visit I checked out the beaches in Paphos, along with the Coral Bay beaches. Many of the beaches have lifeguards on duty up until November and then again from April. During the winter they are unmanned.

Paphos in winter peddle boatsCoral Bay beach rentals parked up for winter

Those that offer sun lounger and umbrella rentals are ’empty’ and water sport rental companies close up for winter. Many of the beach-side food kiosks are closed too, or are working on reduced hours.

The beaches however are still open. Several people had laid down towels and a few brave souls were swimming on the warmer days. Most of the people I saw swimming on the other days were wearing wetsuits. The average sea temperature in Paphos in winter is 16c.

The public toilets are still open year round.

Coral Bay Beach CyprusCoral Bay beach in winter

Paphos Accommodation in Winter

During my visit, I was staying in Kissonerga, Cyprus, a popular hotel district in Paphos. In January/February, many of the surrounding resorts were closed for the winter months. Most had empty swimming pools and the water parks were closed for the season.

My hotel, the Theo Sunset Bay Hotel, was still operating and the outdoor pool was open and had sun loungers available to use. The outdoor pool was ICE cold though, as it was unheated.

Indoor pool at Theo Sunset Bay Hotel in CyprusIndoor pool at Theo Sunset Bay Hotel in Cyprus

One of the reasons I choose the Theo Sunset Bay Hotel, was because they had an indoor heated pool, as well as the outside one. I used the indoor pool most days, it was a nice temperature but was obviously quite busy as everyone was then using the same, quite small, area.

Are Paphos Businesses Open in Winter?

As mentioned above, many of the beach-based businesses in Paphos close up for the winter season. This is understandable as trade is obviously slower during these months.

Coral Bay Beach Cyprus public toilet and food kioskCoral Bay beach facilities closed for winter

I found that several other bars, restaurants and shops were closed in winter in Paphos, Kissonerga and Coral Bay. I could always find somewhere to eat or grab a drink, but there wasn’t as much choice compared to the summer season.

Paphos Coral Bay in winterCoral Bay Cyprus in winter

An area I especially noticed this was in Paphos old town. It was very quiet during my visit, especially Paphos market, where most stalls were closed up.

Paphos Old TownOld Town Paphos in winter

On one of the warm days I went on a hunt for ice cream. Several of the cafes said they were no longer serving ice cream for winter, but I could find regular Cornettos and ice lollies in the supermarkets.

Some of the cafes also had patio heaters, so people could still sit outside.

Paphos Day Tours in Winter

When visiting Cyprus in winter, the choice of day tours differ from those that are available in summer. This affects mostly the water-based activities and boat trips.

I did an Akamas Peninsula day tour, where in the summer months one of the main stops is the Blue Lagoon. Because it’s a little too cold/rough to swim in winter, this stop gets switched to wine tasting at a winery instead.

Akamas Peninsula Lara Beach (Turtle Beach information) CyprusLara Beach Cyprus in winter

Peak turtle season on Lara Beach is also during the summer, so no turtles can be seen nesting on the beach in winter.

The amount of rain that Cyprus had received in the weeks before my trip meant that one of the other stops also had to be changed slightly.

It was suppose to include a hike into the Avakas Gorge, however the river had flooded part of the gorge and there had been a rock slide. For this reason we had to stop before we had even reached the main part of the gorge.

Akamas Peninsula Avakas Gorge Nature Trail CyprusAvakas Gorge in winter

My guide explained that it’s a bit of a catch 22. The Avakas Gorge in winter is liable to flooding, but in the summer it receives THOUSANDS of visitors a day, which makes the hike very crowded.

Someone else I spoke to was due to go to the Troodos Mountains. But their tour was cancelled due to snowfall in the mountains. (You can actually ski in Cyprus in winter!)

Is It Worth Going To Paphos in Winter?

For me, I prefer it when destinations are quieter, sometimes people stress me out! It was nice that the beaches were quiet and the coastal walk in Kissonerga was lovely and peaceful.

I was sad that there were torrential downpours on a couple of the days, but it wasn’t unexpected. I knew Paphos in winter could be a bit wet.

Paphos Kissonerga SunsetCyprus in winter sunset – I’m freezing…

As long as you aren’t going with the intension of sunbathing, Paphos is nice and relaxing during the winter months. It’s still a beautiful location and there are things to do.

Originally I booked it because I wanted a winter sun break. I went on Jet2Holidays and searched for the cheapest destination that I hadn’t been to yet. Cyprus came up at the top of the search results.

When travelling to Cyprus in the winter, the cost of package holidays are cheaper than if travelling during the summer months.

Kissonerga beach along the Kissonerga coastal walkKissonerga Coastal Walk in Paphos district

Considering as a solo traveller I sometimes have to pay a solo supplement, I got flights from London to Paphos, a free checked bag, hotel transfers and 7 nights in a hotel with half board (breakfast and dinner included) for less than £400.

I was however restricted to going for either 7 or 14 nights. At the time of my trip, Jet2 only had 1 flight a week in the winter months. So I didn’t have much flexibility on which day I could fly either. I believe Ryanair have a daily Paphos flight though.

Paphos in Winter FAQs

Is Paphos good in winter?

Yes, Paphos is good in winter. It is a little quieter in the winter months, but there is still plenty to see and do.

Is it worth going to Cyprus in winter?

If you aren’t wanting a winter sun beach holiday, yes it’s worth going to Cyprus in winter. Cyprus is still warmer than many other European locations, even though it may not be warm enough to swim or sunbathe.

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Is it worth visiting Paphos in winter?

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